The Verity Difference

Our Background

Verity Yacht Publications is owned and operated by Kelly and Steve Vaughn. Kelly has over a decade of experience in the engineering, publishing, and design industries. She holds Adobe Expert Certifications in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat, and is an Adobe Community Professional. Steve is experienced in photography, video editing, field documentation, and creative design. This unique professional background, in combination with being owner-operated, allows Verity to offer a wide variety of services and still take a very hands-on approach to each and every project.

Our Philosophy

Our manuals include a depth of information that can come only from on-site boat yard tours with design engineers. As trained technical writers and graphic designers, we aim to communicate information as clearly and as concisely as possible, and present it in an attractive, easy-to-read design. Using the most advanced publishing software available (Adobe Creative Cloud), we are highly trained in graphic manipulation, and aim to incorporate as many graphics as possible into each project. We can incorporate photographs, illustrations, CAD drawings, and video in order to make your manuals as thorough and user-friendly as possible.

Tailored Services

We tailor each project and workflow to meet our client’s specific needs. Whether you are a large company with a dedicated engineering department, or a small startup looking for high quality graphics, we can provide documentation and design services to meet your needs. From data-collection to providing the most appropriate method for client comments, each project is customized, just for you and your business.

Commitment to Quality

We stay up to date with the latest software applications and design trends, ensuring that your project will have a current look. When designing each project, we keep in mind the final output and prepare your graphics so that they will look their absolute best, whether they are destined for a printed page or a web site.

Publishing Experts

Because we are experts at gathering, organizing, cataloging, editing, and formatting information, we can produce manuals very efficiently and at an affordable price. When you work with Verity, you’ll save on the overhead expense of an entire in-house, full-time team; you’ll only pay for our services on an as-needed basis.