Our Services



  • Yacht Owner’s Manuals: Often the most valuable information about a boat is never written down, never documented, never captured. We believe that the most important parts of your boat’s construction are those things which are not documented in vendor OEM manuals, (such as custom installs, equipment hiding in small hatches, and maintenance requirements specific to your boat).
  • Component Manuals: Does your company manufacture specialized equipment? We can work with you to create Operation, Installation, and Troubleshooting Manuals.
  • Digital Component Manual Libraries: Tired of that big box of manuals taking up precious space? We can track down digital versions of component manuals for your boat, and assemble them into a single package, easy to navigate and fully searchable.


  • Video Documentation: By videotaping our boatyard tours with your mechanics, we use everyday conversation to capture the small details of how they built the boat. These videotaped tours capture important details often overlooked in mechanical arrangements.
  • Step-by-Step Video Procedures: Do you have customers calling with the same questions over and over again? We can create an edited video procedure demonstrating how to perform a specific task.

Photos and Illustrations

  • Photography: We can a provide a thorough photographic record of your boat, throughout the phases of construction. Our team can photograph even the most difficult-to-access areas of your boat, making it easier down the road for whoever is in charge of maintaining the vessel.
  • Photo Editing: We can take your existing snapshots and make them suitable for web or print. We remove color casts, correct hotspots, fix tilted photos, and clone out debris or other undesirable parts of the photo.
  • Photo Databasing: Because we are familiar with marine equipment, we can keyword your photos and create a fully searchable photo database where you can quickly and easily filter through thousands of photos to find just the ones you’re looking for.
  • Illustration: We can also extract and repurpose parts and pieces from CAD drawings for use in the manuals. Do you have illustrations that you’d like to use, but your copies are low-resolution and unprofessional-looking? We can create illustrations from scratch, or recreate yours.
  • Spec Sheets: We can take a boring technical data sheet and transform it into an attractive, easy-to-read document.
  • Forms Design: Do you use forms that are copies of copies of copies? Is your form difficult to use? We can convert your paper of spreadsheet forms into a PDF file with onscreen form fields, and adjust the design to make it easy to use.